Is Shein Legit?

The internet is full of Shein reviews, and you might wonder: Is Shein legit? The company claims to fulfill countless orders daily from customers across the world, but that claim has been called into question. Shein is not BBB accredited, and it doesn’t have any consumer support services. This fact could make some people unsure about buying from Shein, but there are some things you can look out for when deciding whether Shein is a legit company.

First, SHEIN clothing isn’t cheap. Similar to Urban Outfitters and Zara, SHEIN is a great alternative to overpriced brands. The company also offers free shipping and returns, which makes it appealing to social media natives. For example, Emily Hernadez, a contracts assistant, purchased several pieces of clothing for herself and her girlfriends on SHEIN, and said she’d never shop anywhere else again.

Despite these issues, Shein remains a legitimate option for online shoppers who don’t want to risk their identity or payment details. There’s no evidence that the company is a part of a phishing scam, but consumers should take caution before purchasing items from the site. After all, there’s nothing worse than receiving an item that was of lower quality than you thought, and you’ll have to pay a much higher price to get it. If you’re worried about scammers, you can download Identity Guard to protect yourself from these pitfalls.

Another concern with Shein is its return policy. Although they offer free returns on your first purchase, you’ll have to pay the shipping for subsequent orders. Plus, the returns process is extremely long and difficult. If you’re unsure about Shein’s return policy, consider the BBB reviews. Many people have complained that the company ignores returns and drags their feet in processing them. This could be a big problem, and it’s one of the reasons why Shein’s return policy is so flaky.

While Shein’s shipping policy is pretty reasonable, international shoppers might want to be aware that the company requires payment for returns. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue for US customers, because US customers are eligible for a free return for their first order within 40 days of purchase. Of course, this doesn’t account for the time it takes for international packages to arrive. However, it’s still worth a shot to avoid wasting money on a cheap item that doesn’t meet your expectations.

If you’re unsure about whether Shein is legit, don’t be afraid to use a coupon code. The Shein website contains a large number of coupons. You can also find some unique coupon codes by following college reps on social media. And, although Shein clothing is affordable, it’s not always high-quality. Hence, you’ll have to decide whether the quality is worth the money or not. Basically, Shein clothes are a lot like the ones you would find at Target, Old Navy, and Forever21.

Shein is a legitimate online fashion retailer with numerous advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantage is that its merchandise is cheaper than branded stores. This means that you can buy a few items for less than half the price you would have to pay at branded stores. Shein’s merchandise is made in China, which means it’s not exactly of high-quality. But the downside to this is that customers have complained about the quality of their purchases. The fabric of Shein garments deteriorates quickly after washing, and a few people have reported that the color and shape of their clothes change after a few wearings.